be easy.
take your time.
you are coming
to yourself.

— the becoming | wing

Nayyirah Waheed

Hi, my name is Heather Shaughnessy-Cato.

I specialize in helping individuals and small groups to:

  • Learn and practice self-compassion
  • Approach change with greater flexibility
  • Learn skills and tools for greater clarity
  • Make meaningful progress toward goals for greater flourishing
  • Take a kinder approach to change
  • Manage stress and enhance well-being (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually)
  • Integrate mind-body practices into daily life

Heather Shaughnessy-Cato, MA

  • Certified Mindful Self-Compassion Teacher
  • Well-Being Coach
  • Trauma-Informed Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher
  • Certified Designing Your Life Facilitator and Coach
  • MA, Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Many of us encounter transitions, self-criticism, and uncertainty.

I work with those who are:

Navigating transitions

  • Career changes
  • Changes with your health
  • Changes in your priorities
  • Changes in life or career phases

These inflection points can change rhythms and routines, your roles, and your priorities. Having support, clarifying values and goals, and being intentional about how you navigate the related changes can help you to shift from confusion and discomfort to thriving and flourishing.

Experiencing self-criticism

  • Patterns of being hard on yourself
  • Experiencing self-doubt
  • Difficulty prioritizing for your own needs

It is quite common to relate to yourself with criticism rather than kindness, particularly in periods of stress. Learning practical and authentic ways to be kinder to yourself can ease stress, provide motivation with less fear of failure, and enhance your ability to cope with life’s ups and downs.

Feeling stuck

  • Seeking more fulfillment in life or work roles
  • Wanting more balance in caregiving or work roles
  • Feeling uncertain about next steps to make a change – at work, for your health, to embark on a new endeavor.

In the midst of day to day life, it can be hard to distill what you want and how to get started. Taking time to reflect with tools for clarity and insight, re-engage with dreams and aspirations, and get moving with small experiments can help to ignite a renewed sense of energy, purpose, and forward momentum.

Navigate life’s challenges with more compassion & ease.

Get support for the changes you seek with these frameworks for kinder, wiser change.

  • Self-Compassion: The art and science of treating yourself like a good friend. Self-compassion is often cited as an essential ingredient to positive and lasting change.
  • Mindfulness: Balanced, non-judgmental present moment awareness.
  • Yoga: A contemplative practice for healing, integration, connection and kindness.
  • Well-Being Coaching: A reflective, experiential process to enhance your well-being (emotionally, physically, socially/relationally, spiritually).
  • Designing Your Life / Life Design: A creative, action oriented method of meeting change and transitions with more flexibility.

    Working Together

    Services are offered virtually (engage from any location)
    and in-person in Brunswick, Maine.

    Integrate the frameworks that are most of interest to you.


    Set your vision for wholehearted well-being, then take incremental steps – with support – toward your vision.

    • Clarify your values, priorities and goals
    • Navigate change, or initiate change for greater health, meaning or purpose.
    • Shift beliefs and behaviors in service of greater balance and flourishing
    • Find greater alignment with your priorities in daily life

    Self-Care Redesign

    Design a flexible, realistic, yet impactful self-care routine just for you.

    Four personalized 1:1 sessions. Integrate practices to meet your needs, such as:

    • Custom yoga sequences
    • Self-compassion
    • Relaxation
    • On-the-spot practices for stressful moments
    • (and more)

    Personal Training in Mind-Body Practices

    1:1 customized instruction to develop or deepen your practice in:

    • Self-Compassion
    • Yoga
    • Mindfulness


    Attend to your own well-being in a supportive community.

    Learn and customize a range of practices to relieve stress, soften self-criticism, and pivot with more ease.

    Workshops For Organizations

    I design custom workshops and mini-retreats for organizations and groups focused on Self-Compassion, Mindfulness, Yoga, and Design-Thinking.

    Work with me to design an experience for your group or organization to manage stress, enhance wellbeing, build deeper connections, and address burnout. 

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