Be kinder to yourself and then
let your kindness
flood the world

-Pema Chödrön

Welcome! I am a teacher and facilitator of embodied practices for well-being, offering one-on-one trainings, coaching, workshops, and courses. I would love to connect with you! My areas of focus include:

  • Self-compassion, the art and science of treating ourselves like we would a good friend
  • Mindfulness, the practice of being present with our experience just as it is
  • Yoga, a moving, breathing practice for healing, connection and kindness
  • Life Design©, a creative, action-oriented approach to crafting a life you love

Embodied Practices for Wellbeing

Self-compassion, mindfulness, and yoga – my great loves – are healing practices rooted in awareness and kindness. They are meant to be embodied — practiced and experienced with mind, body and heart.  They are also meant to be creatively customized so that they resonate with you and within your life.

Exploring these practices has many benefits:

  • We can build a kinder inner world: softening perfectionism and our inner critic; listening deeply to ourselves; relating to ourselves with kindness; learning to soothe mind, body, and heart; aligning our actions with our intentions; and harnessing our inner wisdom and courage to navigate life’s many challenges. 
  • We can also lead with compassion in the outer world: listening deeply to others; engaging in authentic dialogue and relationships; setting boundaries; managing burnout and stress; setting realistic expectations and reducing fear of failure; confronting bias (in ourselves, and with others); and fueling the fight for human rights.

And, as we engage in this important work, these practices also offer respite, a coming home.

Life Design© provides a creative framework to intentionally design a life and career that is meaningful, engaging and sustainable. This framework, related mindsets, and exercises have been hugely beneficial in my own life by providing tangible, practical (even fun!) approaches to trying out the things I dream up. I tend to bring a self-compassion and mindful lens to the Life Design approach.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

All of the practices — self-compassion, mindfulness, yoga, and Life Design — center on noticing our experience with awareness and curiosity, and learning from our direct experience with openness and kindness. I would love to work with you to explore these practices, and their interconnections, more deeply.

be easy.
take your time.
you are coming
to yourself
– the becoming | wing

-Nayirrah Waheed

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