Be kinder to yourself and then
let your kindness
flood the world

-Pema Chödrön

Experience the art and science
of self-compassion

Welcome! I am interested in embodied practices for emotional well-being.

In my work, and in my personal practice, I focus on the interconnection and alignment between self-compassion, mindfulness and yoga. These practices can help to cultivate embodied self-compassion, meaning kindness and compassion expressed toward ourselves in mind, body, and heart.

As a teacher and perpetual student of mind-body practices, I offer small-group workshops, one-on-one trainings, and yoga classes to explore each of these practices, and their interconnections, more deeply.

Self-love is often cited as a central component in our ability to heal from difficult life experiences.

At it’s heart, embodied self-compassion is about building a kinder inner world — softening perfectionism and reclaiming our sense of wholeness, and harnessing our inner wisdom and courage to navigate challenges, loss, uncertainty and change. Practicing yoga, mindfulness, and/or self-compassion can help us to strengthen our ability to relate to ourselves with more kindness.

Practicing self-compassion in our inner world can include listening deeply to ourselves, developing non-judgmental awareness, enhancing our capacity for understanding, kindness and compassion, and exploring the alignment between our values, intentions and actions.

Embodied self-compassion also positions us to act with integrity the outer world. This can include listening deeply to others, engaging in authentic relationships, compassionate communication and leadership, confronting bias (in ourselves, and with others), challenging harmful decisions, policies and actions of others, and fueling the fight for human rights.

And, as we engage in this important work in our inner and/or outer worlds, these practices also offer respite, a coming home.

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be easy.
take your time.
you are coming
to yourself
– the becoming | wing

-Nayirrah Waheed