Engage in a creative, embodied process to:

  • Manage stress, enhance well-being
  • Make life and/or career changes, navigate life transitions, or explore new solutions when feeling “stuck”
  • Cultivate self-healing and greater self-knowing
  • Draw from a range of evidence-based, embodied practices to access wisdom through the body, the mind, and the heart
  • Bring insight into lived experience
  • Develop and deepen practices for awareness, self-care, compassion, and resilience

Working Together

I work with you one-on-one by:

  • Setting the foundation by getting to know you and your goals.
  • Leading us in a collaborative, iterative process focused on what is most helpful, effective, and resonant with you.
  • Weaving together and integrating holistic tools, practices and perspectives to customize the experience for you.
  • Providing guidance and support as you apply insights into everyday life through attainable action steps.
  • Helping to identify existing strengths, inner resources, and external support to foster continued awareness and growth.

Our goal is not to become perfect …
“it is to become a compassionate mess:
fully human, uncertain, struggling.
Hold that precious being with compassion. It heals.”

-Rob Nairn, meditation teacher
What do we work on in coaching?

Our work together can include any of the following areas of life:

  • Relationship to self and others
  • Physical, emotional, and/or spiritual health
  • Personal and/or professional growth and development
  • Pursuing joy, meaning, and purpose
  • Navigating life transitions
  • Developing or strengthening practices to manage stress

Services include coaching and teaching, and are not considered behavioral health therapeutic services. Services offered as part of Fieldbrook Advising, LLC

Getting started

Your invited to schedule a 15-20 minute conversation to discuss your goals and to meet each other via Zoom. Please use the form below to request this initial consultation, or reach out to

Pricing and packages

Coaching sessions are currently offered via Zoom.
Pre-payment for sessions is required.

Standard rate for single sessions: $125 for a 50-minute session

Sliding scale rates are also available ($70 – $125 per session).
You may choose your own rate within that range, based on your current circumstances. You do not need to provide any documentation or make a special request, just let me know when you sign up for services what rate you’ve chosen. Please reach out with any questions:

Clients often will pre-pay for a bundle of sessions for ease in scheduling, and to allow space for the work they wish to engage in, such as:

  • Four 50-minute sessions: $500
  • Six 50-minute sessions: $750
  • Eight 50-minute sessions: $1,000

This can also be applied for sliding scale rates, such as:

  • Four sessions at $75 sliding scale rate: $300
  • Six sessions at $75 sliding scale rate: $450
  • Eight sessions at $75 sliding scale rate: $600

While you are welcome to pause or stop the coaching process at any time, pre-payment for sessions is non-refundable.

Schedule a consultation

Interested in learning more? Please submit this form to schedule a free 20 minute meeting (Zoom or phone) to discuss the possibility of working together.

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