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Mindful Movement and Meditation

Class held at the Harpswell Town Office in the large meeting room, 263 Mountain Road
Thursday mornings, 9:00 – 10:00 am
Dates: March 16, 23, 30 & April 6, 13
Cost: $50 for all five weeks

This one hour class will be comprised of yoga: working on balance, strength and flexibility and the second half will include a variety of mindfulness practices to focus the mind, engaging the senses. A variety of meditation styles and tools will be offered.

The aim is to leave class feeling rejuvenated, connected and centered.

Inclusive for all levels of movement and experience. Movement will frequently include stretches with a chair (yoga mats are optional). All are welcome!

If you need assistance registering or want more information please contact Harpswell Recreation & Community Services at 207-833-5771 or

The Designing Your Life (DYL) Digital Journey

I am pleased to share I will be co-facilitating the DYL Digital Journey with my colleagues at Fieldbrook Advising.

Many of us experience life and career transitions — planned and unplanned, periods of feeling stuck, and changes within ourselves, our relationships, and our communities.

Based on the work of Stanford Professors Bill Burnett and Dave Evans, the Designing Your Life (DYL) Digital Journey provides an opportunity to learn the skill of life design© — a hands-on approach to applying the creative, iterative, human-centered design process to crafting a life in which you can flourish.

Workshop schedule (live workshops, via Zoom):

  • Friday, April 28, 1 – 5 pm ET
  • Friday, May 5, 1- 5 pm ET
  • Friday, May 12, 1 – 5 pm ET
  • Bonus Workshop: Friday, June 9, 1 – 3 pm ET

During the highly interactive workshop series, we will:

  • Explore the social and personal narratives that shape us
  • Work together to identify and reframe dysfunctional beliefs
  • Heighten a mindful awareness of where you are now
  • Use design tools for balance and energy and improvements
  • Frame and reframe problems or areas where you’ve been stuck and engage in radical collaboration and ideation for new solutions.
  • Dig into design tools to increase your creativity and confidence.
  • Use breakout discussions to share and collaborate
  • Design three possible future paths – Odyssey Plans – for your life
  • Learn how to prototype (or do small experiments to learn more) the parts of these lives that are most compelling you
  • Hone your decision-making process, tuning into the wisdom of multiple ways of knowing.
  • Plan prototype conversations to enlist the support you need for your life design.
  • Use design tools to action plan for real change.

Registration Fees:

  • $799 early-registration rate
  • $950 regular registration
  • Some partial scholarships are available. Please reach out to Catherine Dalipe about partial scholarships:

Mindful Self-Compassion Program
10-week course

Dates for 2023 to be announced.

Join us for the empirically-supported Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) program to pause, rest and reflect, and to gently expand your capacity to navigate life’s many ups and downs with a bit more compassion, wisdom and ease.

This course is the empirically supported Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) program, developed by Drs. Kristin Neff and Chris Germer.

It includes 23 hours of training and practice. It is an immersive exploration of self-compassion, offering highlights of relevant research and theory, self-compassion meditations and exercises, discussions, and a retreat — with time between sessions to apply what you learn about self-compassion to your own life.

Course Objectives
The course aims to help participants to:

  • Customize on-the-spot practices to use for yourself (while in meetings or at work, with family or with friends).
  • Recognize and validate your own needs.
  • Soothe and comfort yourself in the midst of difficulty.
  • Balance what you give and receive in professional and personal roles.
  • Take designated time and space for you to restore energy.
  • Customize compassion and mindfulness practices for daily life and for greater well-being.
  • Soften self-criticism, explore motivation with less fear of failure, and more…

Attending the MSC course is a prerequisite for MSC teacher training and for the Self-Compassion in Psychotherapy Certificate Program offered through the Center for Mindful Self-Compassion.

Introduction to Self-Compassion
Free, One-hour workshop

Self-Compassion is the art and science of treating yourself like a good friend. Join us from anywhere for a free one-hour session to:

  • Learn the three components of self-compassion
  • Experience a self-compassion practice for difficult moments
  • Identify resources to learn and practice self-compassion

Dates for 2023 to be announced.

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