Connect with your inner compassion, curiosity and wisdom

I work with individuals and groups to learn, practice and apply transformational skills to manage stress, enhance well-being, cultivate compassion, navigate uncertainty and transitions, and to get unstuck. Sessions are available virtually (connect from any location) or in-person in Brunswick, Maine.

When might you connect for services?

  • When you are feeling stuck, uncertain, self-critical, stressed, overwhelmed
  • Approaching or in the midst of a transition
  • To compliment your work in therapy, leadership coaching, or other growth-oriented modalities

I offer the following services:

One-on-One sessions
Self-Compassion Training
Designing Your Life (DYL) Coaching
Well-Being Coaching

Learn in community
Mindful Self-Compassion Courses & Workshops
Designing Your Life Workshops
Custom Workshops

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Interested to learn more about my services? Schedule a free 20-minute consultation.

Self-Compassion Training

Feeling the impact of self-criticism, stress, burnout or overwhelm?

Learn the art and science of treating yourself like a good friend: Listening with understanding, relating to and motivating yourself with kindness, setting boundaries, and connecting with inner wisdom and perspective.

Engage in personalized one-on-one instruction and guidance in developing and deepening the skill of self-compassion.

Designing Your Life (DYL) Coaching

Design the most important project of all…your life.

Many of us experience life transitions — planned and unplanned, periods of feeling stuck, and changes within ourselves, our relationships, and our communities.  

Designing Your Life (DYL) Coaching provides an opportunity to learn and apply the skills of life design© — a hands-on approach to applying the iterative, human-centered design process to crafting a life we love.

Well-Being Coaching

Develop, explore and enact your vision for authentic well-being in body, mind and heart.

Receive support as you reflect, surface insights and experiment with putting those insights into action.

Weave in tools from wellness and health, yoga, mindfulness, self-compassion, and/or Life Design to enhance your own well-being and flourishing.

Mindful Self-Compassion Courses and Workshops

Learn and apply evidence-based tools for well-being with others seeking similar skills.

  • Mindful Self-Compassion Program
  • Introduction to Self-Compassion
  • Practicing Mindfulness

Designing Your Life (DYL) Workshops

I offer DYL workshops for the public and custom workshops for organizations with my colleagues at Fieldbrook Advising.

Explore where you’ve been stuck, engage in radical collaboration and ideation for new solutions, and learn and apply design skills to build a new way forward.

Custom Workshops

Design a custom workshop to meet the needs of your organization, such as tools to meet stress with compassion, mindfulness and yoga for the workplace, and the art of compassionate motivation.

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