Private Instruction

Welcome. I have found mind-body practices to be transformational in my own life, and delight in sharing these practices with others.

My focus is teaching a range of mind-body practices and engaging in inquiry with you – a process to help you reflect on and learn through your own experience.

My goal is to help you to feel comfortable in the process, to provide support with experiential learning, and for you to feel ready to integrate new skills into everyday life with flexibility and creativity.

Private instruction: Engage in customized, experiential learning.

Areas of focus can include self-compassion, mindfulness, yoga, or a blend of these modalities.

  • Self-Compassion
    • On-the-spot practices for stressful moments
    • Meditations to explore the balance of giving and receiving in work or life roles
    • Meditations to cultivate self-kindness
    • Practical exercises to speak to yourself with more compassion
    • Relevant science, research and theory to support your learning.
  • Mindfulness
    • Support to establish or deepen a meditation practice.
    • Practices such as body scans, meditations with breath or body awareness, guided imagery, mindful movement, and/or Loving-kindness meditations.
    • Relevant science, research and theory to support your learning.
  • Yoga
    • Breath practices based on your goals and interests
    • Movement practices and custom sequences based on your goals
    • The integration of themes from yogic philosophy.

Private instruction can be useful as a stand-alone experience, or can be helpful in tandem with other services for support from other providers, such as therapy or leadership coaching. Private instruction is designed for learning and personal growth for well-being.

The process

1. Schedule a consultation to discuss your interests and goals.

We will begin with a consultation to explore your interests and learning goals, and will capture these in a summary that we will refer back to throughout the process.

As part of the consultation, we will choose an area of focus (one or more of the following):

  • Self-compassion
  • Mindfulness
  • Yoga

2. Engage in a customized one-on-one series

After the consultation I will develop a custom class series for you based on your learning goals.

We will engage in 5 class sessions (typically weekly or bi-weekly sessions). Each class will include:

  • A theme and focus area
  • Related exercise, skill or practice
  • Time for inquiry — which is a process for reflection, discussion, and questions
  • Guidance on incorporating the new skill or learning into your everyday life.
  • Resources for practice between sessions

We will check in as we progress through the series to make sure we are meeting your learning goals.

3. Assess progress toward your goals, and identify next steps

As part of the final session, we will assess overall progress toward your learning goals, and identify resources for further learning and practice.

Resources may include community resources, guided meditations, recommended reading, podcasts, classes with other providers and organizations, etc.

I offer additional support, as needed. For example, you could engage in:

  • Another series with a different focus area
  • Single classes or another series to delve deeper on the initial topic
  • Begin coaching, using the skills you have learned to support you in meeting well-being goals, with support.


  • Standard rates: $625 for a package of five 1-hour classes
  • Sliding scale rates: Begin at $325 for a package of 5 classes. Sliding scale rates are available to address income and resource inequality, and are available to anyone who can benefit. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Session location:
Sessions are available online (Zoom) or in-person at my office in Brunswick, ME.

What is the difference between private instruction and coaching?
Private instruction primarily focuses on learning and practicing self-compassion, mindfulness, or yoga. Coaching is a process to help you set goals and make incremental progress toward those goals. I am happy to talk with you about which service might meet your needs, and/or to create a package with both, based on your interests.

Getting started
Schedule a free 30-minute consultation to explore the possibility of working ktogether, or send me a note (both options are below).

Is this therapy? No, this is one-on-one training and is not therapy and I am not a licensed therapist. Therapy involves the application of the principles and procedures of counseling to assess and treat intrapersonal and interpersonal problems and other dysfunctional behaviors and to assist in the overall development and adjustment of those served. Coaching does not involve diagnosis or treatment.

Private instruction, instead, is a transformative process for personal and professional skills development, awareness, discovery and growth. Private instruction is a one-on-one class series with a focus on learning and experiencing meditations, mind-body exercises and skills, and a process called inquiry to explore your experience with the practices offered. As a teacher and coach, I do not and cannot diagnose conditions, prescribe treatments, or provide psychological therapeutic interventions. Private instruction is not to be used in place of therapy, counseling, or mental health support.

Schedule a free 30-minute consultation.

You are invited to schedule a 30 minute conversation to explore the possibility of working together.

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