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Welcome. I have found mind-body practices to be transformational in my own life, and I delight in helping others to establish, customize, and/or enrich their practices.

I specialize in the areas of self-compassion, mindfulness, meditation, and yoga, and offer customized training, teaching, guidance in support of your goals.

  • Do you have – or do you wish to establish – a practice in yoga, self-compassion, mindfulness, or meditation?
  • Are you ready to enhance, expand upon, re-commit to, or deepen your practice?
  • Do you wish to bring your practice “off the mat,” and into your life – integrating practice into ordinary moments of daily life?
  • Have you appreciated classes in yoga, Mindful Self-Compassion, or Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, and are looking for support to continue practicing, or to make the practices your own?

If you answered yes to any of the above, I would love to talk with you about the possibility of working together.

This service is offered one-on-one as private classes with customized instruction and guidance, discussion to explore your insights and reactions, and to identify how to incorporate the practices into your life.

Personal Training in Self-Compassion

  • On-the-spot practices for stressful moments
  • Balance of giving and receiving in work or life roles
  • Meditations to cultivate self-kindness
  • Practical exercises to speak to yourself with more compassion
  • Compassionate boundaries
  • Relevant science, research and theory to support your practice
  • Seeing your experiences through the lens of compassion
  • Integrating self-compassion into daily life

Personal Training in Mindfulness

  • Support to establish or deepen a meditation practice.
  • Practices such as body scans, meditations with breath or body awareness, guided imagery, mindful movement, savoring, and/or Loving-kindness meditations.
  • Relevant science, research and theory to support your practice
  • Exploring situations in daily life through the lens of mindfulness

Personal Training in Yoga

  • Yoga personal training (a custom yoga program developed with and for you, based on your goals)
  • Yoga with a focus on emotional and/or mental well-being
  • Yoga with a focus on self-compassion
  • Establishing a home practice
  • The integration of themes from yogic philosophy


Work with me in person in Brunswick, Maine or virtually via Zoom.

Session packagesStandard RateSliding Scale
Stand alone sessions (50 minutes)$125beginning at $65 per session
4 sessions (50 minutes each)$400beginning at $260 for 4 sessions
8 sessions (50 minutes each)$720beginning at $520 for 8 sessions

Sliding scale rates are intended to address income and resource inequality, and are available to anyone who can benefit. The sliding scale offers the same sessions at a lower cost because we all have different access to resources. My hope is to make these sessions more accessible to those who could benefit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Session location:
Sessions are available online (Zoom) or in-person at my office in Brunswick, ME.

Getting started
Schedule a free 30-minute consultation to explore the possibility of working together, or send me a note (both options are below).

How is this different from coaching? Personal training primarily focuses on the practices themselves – meditations, self-compassion exercises, various elements of a yoga practice – with support to customize those practices for you and your life, such as developing a home practice and/or working through blocks with your meditation or mindfulness practices.

Coaching takes a holistic approach, focusing on the client and their goals, and then incorporating yoga, mindfulness or self-compassion when appropriate to help for more insight and to provide tools to progress toward goals.

Is this therapy? No, this is one-on-one training and is not therapy and I am not a licensed therapist. Personal training, instead, is a transformative process for skills development, stress management, embodiment, self-awareness, empowerment, discovery, and growth.

Can I combine personal training with therapy? Yes. Learning the skills of self-compassion and mindfulness can enhance your work in therapy. Many therapists report that they don’t have the time to provide training in self-compassion or mindfulness in their sessions, as they are focused on other aspects of the healing process. It is possible to request a signed release so that I can coordinate with your therapist, with your permission.

Schedule a free 30-minute consultation.

You are invited to schedule a 30 minute conversation to explore the possibility of working together.

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