Designing Your Life Coaching

Explore new perspectives and creative solutions when feeling stuck.

Designing Your Life (DYL) Coaching provides an opportunity to learn the skill of life design© — a hands-on approach to applying the creative, iterative, human-centered design process to crafting a life we love.

Based on the work of Stanford Professors Bill Burnett and Dave Evans, Designing Your Life (DYL) demonstrates how design thinking can help us create a life we choose, one we design for ourselves, and one in which we can flourish.

In my own life, and in the lives of my clients, I have found Life Design© to be a creative and flexible approach to navigate personal and professional challenges with more wisdom and ease.

Life design is possible, no matter your starting point.

DYL coaching is a process to:

  • Seek clarity through reflection, journaling, and visual mapping tools
  • Identify unhelpful beliefs that keep you stuck
  • Explore the meaning of life and work (for you)
  • Re-design your day to enhance balance and energy
  • Reflect on life roles and what aspects resonate most for you
  • Learn the art of reframing with an empowered focus on what you can work with in any situation
  • Engage in visioning and brainstorming exercises to identify future possibilities
  • Identify small, actionable steps to build your way forward. Test out your ideas in real life, in low-risk ways.
  • Learn from failure
  • And more…

Working Together

I offer virtual sessions (connect from anywhere) and in-person sessions in Brunswick, Maine.

What to expect

I am a certified DYL Coach and Facilitator. My focus is on sharing the DYL framework and tools, customizing the application of the tools to your particular goals, listening with curiosity and compassion, offering questions and reflections to help you surface your own authentic insights, and providing support, encouragement and guidance with whatever arises along the way.

Services include coaching and teaching, and are not considered behavioral health services or therapy.

I recommend 5 coaching sessions to get started to surface clarity on where you are stuck, explore tools for insight and growth, and to move into action to discover your own authentic answers to the questions that are arising.

However, you are welcome to try it out with a session or two, and explore how the work resonates with you.

Our work can continue beyond the initial 5 sessions for continued and deeper reflection and exploration, and to continue to refine your understanding of how to use the framework and tools.

Session rates

Standard rates are $125 per 50-minute session.

I also offer sliding scale rates for accessibility, $50-$120.

Schedule a free consultation

You are invited to schedule a 20 minute conversation to discuss your interest in working together and to meet each other via Zoom.

Get in touch

Questions? Comments? Please send me a note.

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