Well-Being Coaching

A holistic, integrative approach, customized for you and your goals.

Well-being coaching is a reflective, empowering and experiential process to help you improve your overall well-being.

I am a certified Wellness & Health Coach and offer an array of tools to help to explore your values, cast a vision for your well-being, set goals and priorities, explore ways to shift beliefs and behaviors, and work through challenges.

Our work together can focus on any of the following:

  • Relationship to self
  • Enhancing emotional, physical and/or spiritual health
  • Personal and/or professional growth and development
  • Developing or strengthening practices to manage stress
  • Cultivating mindfulness and compassion
  • Sustainable self-care
  • Navigating life and career transitions
  • Facing uncertainty
  • Dealing with loss

Working Together

I offer virtual and in-person coaching sessions. My office is located in Brunswick, Maine.

My focus is on listening with non-judgment and compassion, offering questions and reflections to help you surface your own authentic insights, sharing tools and perspectives for reflection and insight, and evidence-based approaches to move into action. I also provide support and encouragement with any difficulties that arise along the way.

Weave in tools from wellness and health, yoga, mindfulness, self-compassion, and/or Life Design to enhance your own well-being and flourishing.

Services include coaching and teaching, and are not considered behavioral health services or therapy.

I recommend 5 coaching sessions to get started to surface clarity on where you are stuck, explore tools for insight and growth, and to have time to learn from experience — exploring and experiencing first hand what works well for you. Our work can continue beyond the initial sessions for continued reflection and exploration, and support.

However, you are welcome to try it out with a session or two, and explore how the work resonates with you.

Session rates

Standard rates are $125 per 50-minute session.

I also offer sliding scale rates for accessibility, $50-$120.

Schedule a free consultation

You are invited to schedule a 20 minute conversation to discuss your interest in working together and to meet each other via Zoom.

Get in touch

Questions? Comments? Please send me a note.

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