Coaching for clarity, compassion, and embodied well-being

Take time just for you and receive support to:

  • Reflect on and articulate your priorities, values, and goals
  • Seek clarity through discussion, reflection, journaling, and/or visual mapping tools.
  • Find greater alignment with your priorities in your daily life
  • Make shifts: In beliefs and behaviors, ways of relating to yourself or others, setting boundaries … all in service of greater well-being
  • Cultivate embodiment – tune in to and connect with the wisdom of your body
  • Embrace who you are rather than who you think you “should” be
  • Feel more at home and empowered in your life
  • Discover what is truly replenishing for you

In my approach, I:

  • Focus on building an authentic relationship with you.
  • Focus on your agenda, through the lens of your values and priorities, and reflect back themes and insights to help you hear and see yourself more deeply.
  • Gently and creatively lead us in a process to learn more about what’s working well for you, where you are stuck, and help you to surface insights to meet challenges in new ways.
  • Emphasize growth through experience – a kind experimentation in life, rather than perfectionism or “getting it right.”

Working Together:

In our work, we will begin by identifying your goals for our work together. Then, in each session I’ll ask what you’d like to focus on that day.

Examples might be:

  • Space to talk through a challenge and surface new insights
  • Incorporating a mindfulness, yoga or compassion exercise for embodiment, clarity, or kindness
  • Taking time to explore a feeling or situation with more compassion and perspective
  • Translating insight into action by identifying practical steps to explore in the coming week.

I will help us to focus both on what you are looking for session by session, as well as keeping the bigger picture in mind with your overall goals.

Option: Add mind-body and creative practices for flourishing

Based on your interests and goals, we can also explore and customize tools and practices for greater wisdom, compassion and ease, including self-compassion and mindfulness practices, yoga, and/or Designing Your Life exercises.

Examples of what this might look like includes:

  • Engaging in self-compassion meditations and exercises in our session, with resources for practices between sessions. Self-compassion can be helpful when you would like to cultivate self-kindness, set boundaries, explore motivation with compassion, work with difficult emotions, manage stress, or develop your own practices for appreciation and gratitude.
  • Integrating mindfulness into our sessions– such as beginning and ending with a brief mindfulness practice, threading mindful awareness through the coaching process for greater clarity, and exploring practical ways to bring mindfulness into everyday life.
  • Incorporating yoga into our sessions – beginning with centering movement, or exploring themes that we are working on in coaching in an embodied way. We can also explore themes from yogic and contemplative philosophy into the coaching process, considering how to apply ancient wisdom in our modern lives.
  • Learning Designing Your Life tools for a more creative and flexible approach to life’s wicked problems: learning the art of reframing to get unstuck, designing your day for more balance and energy, brainstorming new ideas, and prototyping, or engaging in small experiments to test life’s possibilities.

When might you connect for coaching?

  • When feeling stuck, uncertain, stressed, overwhelmed
  • When approaching or in the midst of a life transition
  • When you are ready to make a change to enhance your physical, emotional, mental or spiritual well-being and would like support in the process.
  • To build a bridge connecting inner work and insights into your everyday life.
  • When terminating from therapy and wanting support to continue with personal growth; Or comfortably in the midst of therapy and looking to add mindfulness, self-compassion, yoga, or life design to enhance your work in therapy. In this case, a signed release with your therapist is recommended for coordination.

Working Together

Where are sessions offered?
We can work together from any location via Zoom.
I also offer in-person sessions at my office in Brunswick, Maine.

How many sessions are recommended? I recommend planning for 5 sessions to get started. Our work can continue beyond the initial sessions for continued reflection, learning, support and exploration.

Session rates: Standard rates are $125 per session.

I also offer “pay what you can” rates ($65 – $120 per session). The “pay what you can” rates are extended to anyone who can benefit, no justification needed. Why? We still don’t have equal pay for equal work, many roles are incredibly important but not highly compensated (teachers, non-profit employees, etc), the impact of discrimination continues to limit access to resources for many individuals, families, and communities…the list goes on. In short, just let me know what rate in the range I’ve offered works for you.

Getting started: Schedule a free 30-minute consultation to explore the possibility of working together, or send me a note (both options are below).

Services include coaching and teaching, and are not considered behavioral health services or therapy.

Schedule a free 30-minute consultation.

You are invited to schedule a 30 minute conversation to explore the possibility of working together.

Get in touch

Questions, comments? Please send me a note.

be easy.
take your time.
you are coming
to yourself.

-the becoming | wing

-Nayyirah Waheed

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