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Include yourself on your priority list.

Many of us spend time and energy devoted to caring for others: through our professions, in our relationships, in our roles with families and friends.

It is important to remember that we, too, are deserving of our own time, attention and care: time to reflect on what matters, to attend to our well-being, to make more space for rest, play, joy and flourishing.

I offer 1:1 sessions with a focus on helping you to include yourself in your circle of care, and to feel more at home and empowered in your own life.

Choose one approach or a combination for your 1:1 sessions:

  • Health and Wellness Coaching
  • 1:1 Teaching in self-compassion, yoga, mindfulness, or Life Design
  • Self-Care Design

Health and Wellness Coaching

  • Engage with tools to clarify your vision for well-being, priorities, and values
  • Set goals to enhance your well-being (physically, mentally, emotionally, relationally, spiritually)
  • Take incremental yet meaningful steps toward your well-being goals
  • Have support in adopting helpful habits, based on the science of motivation and change.
  • Talk through your concerns
  • Reflect with mind-body practices, journaling and/or visual tools.
  • Experiment with defined actions between sessions
  • Find greater alignment with your priorities in your daily life.

1:1 Teaching

Engage in customized learning and practice in any of the following modalities, or a mix of approaches.


Explore practical exercises to:

  • Engage in kinder self-talk
  • Soothe and comfort yourself in the midst of stress
  • Soften perfectionism and self-criticism
  • Work more skillfully with difficult emotions
  • Address burnout and caregiving fatigue


  • Grounding exercises for more balance in intense moments
  • Explore a variety of mindfulness practices including various forms of meditation and informal practices for everyday life
  • Learn tools to skillfully work with difficult thoughts, feelings, and body sensations
  • Feel supported in cultivating greater self-awareness


  • Explore a range of movement and breathing practices to meet your needs: for relaxation, for greater energy, to attend to various parts of the body.
  • Learn to more reliably cultivate emotional and mental balance.
  • Learn poses and sequences for any location: in a chair, on a mat, while standing; and for any length of time.

Designing Your Life

  • Explore tools to think more expansively and creatively, and for greater insight into what resonates for you.
  • Learn to prototype to move into action with lower risk
  • Engage with practical strategies to enhance balance and energy in daily life
  • Practice the art of reframing to open space for new possibilities.

Self-Care Design

It is widely acknowledged that self-care is critical for our well-being. Yet, it can be a challenge to develop meaningful and sustainable practices for self-care, especially in the midst of our busy days.

Just as a tailor might custom fit a garment for you, I can work with you to design a self-care routine just for you to fit within your life.

Self-care can include stepping away for a walk, to go to the gym, or have a chat with a good friend.

Self-care can also include practical self-compassion, mindfulness, and yoga exercises in the midst of life –
no stepping away needed.

This means we can use a range of tools to attend to ourselves anytime: in a difficult conversation, in a meeting, while with friends or family, walking the dog, or while preparing for sleep.

  • Available themes and areas of focus include:
    • On-the-spot practices for daily life
    • Custom yoga sequences
    • Practices for stressful moments
    • Relaxation techniques
    • Grounding techniques
  • Explore mind-body practices with customized instruction.
  • Have support to design and integrate the practices into your day/week.
  • Develop and refine a meaningful and sustainable self-care routine

Benefits of 1:1 sessions include:

  • Softening self-criticism
  • Prioritizing realistic self-care
  • Feeling more empowered
  • Honoring and accepting a full range of thoughts and feelings
  • Making connections between challenges and existing skills (bringing yoga / mindfulness off the mat or the cushion)
  • Supporting inner growth and strength
  • Having a thought-partner to help you talk through and address stressors

“I can’t express how much I enjoyed interacting with you during our coaching sessions. I got so much more out of it than I could have possibly imagined. With your gentle & insightful guidance, I was able to shift some long ingrained patterns of harsh self-judgment.

Working Together & Pricing

Available as virtual sessions (Zoom) or in-person in Brunswick, Maine.
Typical availability for scheduling: Monday – Friday, 10 am – 3 pm.

Rate Type6 Session package
Standard Rates$695 ($116 per session)
Sliding Scale – option 1$570 ($95 per session)
Sliding Scale – option 2$450 ($75 per session)

Sliding scale rates are available to anyone who can benefit. This is offered to acknowledge the unequal access to resources and financial support.

Getting Started

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